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Our mission is improve the operational performance of our customers and partners.


Real time solutions for critical mission

Supervision & Control systems for continuous production processes designed to leverage the manufactoring performance.

Battle-tested tooling able to provide high level, human readable rich information for pre-operation, pos-operation and frontline teams.

Massive data centric applications

Automatic reasoning and statistical inference over huge datasets containing million or billion of registers using NLP and Computer Vision deeping learning models.

Realtime Machine Vision

Computer Vision Machine Vision embedded to perform complex tasks at high FPS and field operations.

Custom Software Development

A team of software developers, testers and system analysts to build, delivery, maitain or fix software assets. Usually this team operates in sprints, using best practices such as TDD, CI and agile programming.


Suite of e-gov applications and system customizations addressed to comply to different levels of settlements and guidelines established by the government.

High performant document storage & retrievel

Document storage tool based on Apache Lucene & Elastic-search ecosystem. This application is able to keep terabytes of plain-text, pdf, MS word™ or even images files. The text within the files is indexed in order to allow very fast searches and queries.

Cloud Services

A miriad of cloud distributed services based on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and others.

government | industry is a document storage and retrievel system developed on top of Elasticsearch. allow multiple users to store and quickly retrieve documents and unestructured information from the huge volume of raw document files. The document format can vary from MS word, pdf and even images.

In addition to Elasticsearch, also uses a set of cutting edge NLP libraries such as NLTK and spaCy in order to find domain specific phares and fragments in the document contents.


Smartcam Vision Control

Improvess Smartcam Vision Control is a multi camera computer vision system able to perform complex machine vision real time tasks such as:


Plannor HMS & RT

Plannor is a platform for pre-operations, pos-operations and realtime frontline teams designed to provide high-level, accurate, historic correlated information for the management and operations teams on manufactoring plants.

Plannor uses machine learning, statistics and data mining to extract semantic understand of the plant performance generating reports, alerts and human-readable rich information feedback.